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Tiffany Lamps and Lighting

Tiffany Lighting and Home Decor

About Tiffany Style

Tiffany style originated with Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Tiffany and Company founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany. Louis Comfort received formal art training and was an accomplished painter. In 1875 he became interested in glass making and after learning the craft he opened the Tiffany Glass Company in 1885. In 1902 the name was changed to Tiffany Studios. He became known for his stained glass lamps and windows. In 1893 he exhibited some of his lamps at the World's Fair in Chicago and at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris he won a gold medal for his stained glass windows. Louis Comfort Tiffany's fame spread and now the word "Tiffany" is synonymous with beautiful stained glass lamps, made by many manufacturers and artisans the world over.

Tiffany style lamps are timeless and many of their themes are taken from nature. They become the focal point of any room--like "jewelry for the home". Many of the designs feature flowers, for which the brilliantly colored art glass is perfect, especially when the lamp is lit. One famous design is the dragonfly, which can be found in several sizes and color themes of table lamps, hanging pendants, and ceiling lights. A recurrent theme is the peacock. The jewel-toned bird's feathers are a wonderful subject matter for Tiffany lamps. Another category is geometric designs. Various color combinations are used to provide Tiffany style lamps for the person who prefers something more simple.

There are some other types of lamps included in the Tiffany style--one example is blown glass lily lamps. These come in the form of table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers. Handel style lamps have hand-painted glass shades for a soft artistic look. Original Tiffany lamps had detailed sculpted bronze bases and today some reproductions of those Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps are available. Most bases today, however, are made of iron, brass, or other metals. The glass shades today are made in the same way as the originals were, with the copperfoil method.

Now so much more than just lamps are available. Tiffany style comes in table and floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants, pool table lights, wall sconces, ceiling lights, fan lights, vanity lights, mirrors, fireplace screens, and of course, beautiful stained glass windows.