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Contemporary Modern Style

Contemporary/Modern Lighting and Home Decor

About Contemporary Style

Contemporary style interiors are simple and clean, using a color palette that is mostly black, white, and neutrals with splashes of bold color here and there. In a contemporary style home the space is as important as the objects in it. Line is the primary element and textures can be used to add variety. Objects tend to be large and make a bold statement. Geometric shapes are everywhere and curves minimally appear. Paintings or sculpture are typically featured alone and well-lit with spotlight track or recessed lighting. Wall-wash type of recessed lighting is used to graze texture on a wall for dramatic effect. Collections of small items and fussy print fabrics are avoided,and the total design effect is sophisticated and uncluttered.

Modern style is often confused with contemporary style. They share some things in common, such as clean lines and uncluttered spaces. But there are some differences between Modern and Contemporary. Modern style follows a fairly rigid design format derived from its roots in the late 1800s and its revival in the 1950s as Mid-Century Modern. Some Contemporary designs can be hard and stark, whereas Modern is never harsh. Modern style uses neutrals and natural colors, while Contemporary at times will use extremes of black and white. Both Modern and Contemporary favor use of reflective surfaces such as metal and glass.

Contemporary/Modern lighting has certain characteristics that set it apart from other styles of lighting. Chandeliers typically have chrome, nickel, or polished steel finishes. They have simple lines without excessive ornamentation. When crystal is used, it is cut in straight lines and geometric shapes. Shades are often white or clear glass. Table and floor lamps use geometric shapes, reflective metal and glass surfaces, sometimes with interesting textures.