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Island Lights and Billiards Lighting

Island and Billiards Lighting

About Island and Billiards Lighting

Kitchen island and billiards lighting share the special requirements of a long surface needing to be illuminated for work or play. These multi-light fixtures are built to evenly light a large area beneath. Pool table lamps can have three or four separate lights arranged in a row on a bar. Each will have its own shade--sometimes made of opaque metal to direct light downward only or the shades may be made of glass to direct most of the light down and spread some to the sides through the shade. Designs can incorporate green cased glass shades that echo the green felt of the table. Sometimes billiards balls are used as colorful, topical accents to decorate the fixture.

Large oblong shaped Tiffany style billiards lights are classic. Stained glass patterns with pool cues and balls are often made, although any subject matter can be featured in one of these. Geometrics, names of pubs and bars, or wildlife are just some of the choices. Sometimes instead of one large tiffany shade, three smaller ones (14 to 16 inches across) might be used. Another material used for billiards lamps is mica. Sports, nature, hunting, or fishing are themes used in making mica pool table lamps, which can range from 33 to 72 inches long.

Although traditional style is the one most often seen in pool table lamps, they are also available in transitional (a style that takes elements from both traditional and contemporary) and modern.

Island lights are used in kitchens over a counter's work area, so the bulbs need to be bright enough. They come in configurations of two to four lights arranged in a row and do not need to be as long as billiards lamps. A traditionally styled island light may have two or more glass shades about 16 inches in diameter supported by a bronze finished fixture that contains curvy decorative elements. There are modern island lights made up of four or five colorful hand blown mini pendants connected to one ceiling piece.

There is some crossover between rectangular and oval chandeliers and island lights. Certain of these chandeliers function well in the kitchen. In a contemporary style rectangular box there may be 6 to 12 bulbs. This can fully light an elongated work surface. Crystal linear chandeliers work well and create an upscale look in the kitchen.

Pot racks have dual functions: to hold pots and pans by hooks and to provide light for a cook surface or work surface. They are often hung over stoves and have built-in spot lights that shine downward. Some very interesting designs are available--wrought iron, traditional, leaf and branch motifs, and rustic themes with forest animals, oak leaves, and pine cones.