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Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

About Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting, formerly named Fine Art Lamps, has been a family-owned business for over 110 years. In 1898 Max Blumberg opened a glass factory in New York. His son Jack took the company to the next level by founding Fine Art Lamps in 1941. Jack's vision for the company was to create lamps that truly were art, in the tradition of the great artisans and masters of centuries past. In pursuit of that goal he assembled a group of accomplished designers, sculptors, and decorative artists, many of whom received their training in Italy in the tradition of the Masters.

From its inception Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting has been an industry leader in design of lighting, winning nine ARTS Manufacturer of the Year awards, and was recently inducted into the ARTS Hall of Fame.

In 1965 Jack's son Max took over the company and moved the company in 1976 into a 400,000 square foot facility in Miami. This expansion facilitated their commitment to keep manufacturing in the USA.

Lovely, complex finishes are a hallmark of Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting. Each one requires dozens of steps and the finished piece is handcrafted art. These lights are not pulled off a shelf and shipped. They are individually, expertly, made-to-order.

The styles created by Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting tend toward the traditional, with some Contemporary mixed in. It seems that if their designers can dream it, they can manufacture it. This sometimes requires making shapes of crystals no has ever seen before, constructing frames that are new, and working with fabric in ways not imagined in the past.

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting is made in the USA but its marketplace is the world. They have the exceptional ability to build lighting for many countries in the world and have expertise in foreign wiring requirements. Additionally they are equipped to make custom fixtures for a variety of projects.