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Novelty Lighting

Novelty Lighting and Home Decor

About Novelty Style

Novelty style lighting is a home for the odd and unusual. Here you will find lamps shaped like animals, flowers, Chinese take-out food containers, birds, lighthouses, butterflies, fish, and people. There are table lamps that wiggle, and accent lamps alive with colorful electric energy. Hanging pendants and wall lights that feature poker, Coca Cola, and large seashells.

Novelty lighting can make a strong statement, and quite often a humorous one. Novelty table lamps are usually accent lights--small colorful lamps that add a design element to a room. They are not expected to function as reading lamps, but rather provide a sense of whimsy to the scene, or a spot of color in the design of a room. Wall sconces, ceiling lights, and pendants not only tell an unexpected story, but they light areas as well as their more conservative cousins.